Creating Sacred space

What personal space do you make available in your home to foster a connection to yourself? Where do you pray? Meditate? or simply hang out with yourself in peace?

Part of your home should be sacred. A place that is inviting, clean, peacefully, home to items that are particularly special to your sense of oneness with the world and the universe and where you can be your true self. Whether that's happy you or upset you. It is a safe space for you to connect to yourself and your inner wisdom.

There are lots of different types of sacred space. It can be anyway you deem a safe and quiet spot where you can foster a connection to self and to all that is. Some people prefer a altar in their bedroom, under the stairs, in the garden even but sacred space is a peaceful and private spot that they make time to reflect and connect in. Dependant on what you believe in will also dictate how you may want to decorate your sacred space but as a basic starting point you may want to use a side table or console tablet or low level table to put a relevant figurine on. Such as Buddha, Isis, Mother Gaia, or an angel etc.or other symbolism you may find appropriate to connect to higher source. Next you may want to represent the 4 elements. Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. You can keep fresh water in a small vase, some even prefer to leave it out under a full moon to charge the water with the moons energy. Fire is represented by candles. Wind is represented by incense and Earth can be represented by rocks, crystals, plants so these are all great items to use to decorate your sacred space. Next you might want something to sit on such as floor pillow or you may want something to support your back. You may also want sage or a sound bowl to help eliminate any negative energy from your space.

Make sure your space is de-cluttered and clean so the energy feels high and inviting when you come to use your sacred space. Have a journal handy in case you feel a sudden dash of inspiration or realisation once you've given yourself time out as this is common.

So I hope once you've created your space your enjoy and make time to give yourself love and relaxation to yourself.

Love and gratitude x

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