How do you begin to tackle Grief, well one way is sound healing.

Sound has been used for thousands of years to help people heal. It was used as a medicinal treatment in Ancient Egypt and Greece but as western medicine has taken over we've forgotten its power to help us heal and rejuvenate. But aside of quartz singing bowls and Tibetan bowls even listening to our favourite music can be deeply healing, as is the human voice. It can help to lifr our vibration or help us release pent up emotions that need to come up for us to feel lighter.

You can practice sound healing yourself as you can use binaural beats and guided meditations readily available. You can check out our You tube channel for Theta wave meditations for free just search for the The Healing Lounge. However if you want help to shift deeper then its recommended to seek our a Sound Healing Practitioner because they can tell you where you have energetic blockages and have the tools available to help you to clear them. Practicing self care with Grief is so important because in my experience, avoiding it made it a harder road.

The mental chatter of Grief can also mean we ultimately just need to switch off and both Reiki and Sound Healing put you naturally in to a very meditative state to help you switch off and activate your bodies natural healing mode required to repair itself emotionally and physically. Sound healing combines rhythm, specific sequence, instruments and voice to alter your state of consciousness that automatically switches on your bodies own healing abilities. Sound healing is well known to relieve stress, fatigue, anger and depression most of which are physical side effects of Grief.

Sound Healing works on the premise of vibration. Everything in the Universe vibrates at a particular frequency in the Universe, including the human body. Sound Healing uses a scientific process called sympathetic resonance. The sound healing instrument such as a tuning fork or singing bowl are typically at a higher vibration than our body - depending on the client. When you strike a object with a higher vibration it emits a higher frequency, automatically sending out sound ripples to everything in its vicinity. The higher vibration forces the vibration of objects around it to increase also but only to the maximum vibration of the original object that was struck. However this process forces the human body to clear and shift denser energy stuck in the body in order to raise and match the higher vibration.

Our emotions are energy in motion, therefore if you've experienced Grief, you've likely been in a period of significantly lower frequency vibrations. You can use the Hawkins scale of consciousness to gauge where you overall frequency would be because it depends on your overall feeling and what you predominately focus your energy on. There are numerous ways to increase your frequency but sound healing with crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls or tuning forks is certainly one that not only helps in-still calm but also makes you feel good again by creating energetic shifts.

Grief can also disturb our sleep pattern as we shift through the various stages of Grief or find our Grief is triggered by different events we encounter. This can leave our minds stirring in the night when we just want to get comfortable and drift off. Ultimately you body needs 2.5 hours of REM sleep in order to properly rest and recuperate. You can achieve this by playing binaural beat meditations using Delta waves while you sleep as these activate your brain to drop in to REM much quicker and easier.

If you are looking to find more relaxation, release both emotional, physical pain and balance and restore health and overall wellbeing then I highly recommend sound healing. If you live in the Doncaster area and are looking for an advanced sound healing practitioner then just get in touch via and I'll be happy to have a chat ahead of the consultation to discuss your needs.

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