My 5 Benefits of Reiki Healing

If you're wondering how Reiki can help you then let me let you in a few secrets in the form of five easy benefits after my own experience with Reiki and becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

I came to Reiki after needing help dealing with my Grief after the passing of my Mum and Both Grandads 2 years ago and needing a deeper level of self care than just spa days and Champagne bubble baths. When I came to Reiki I was tired, was having difficulty expressing and processing the grief I had and due to my inability to relax I was anxious and stressed out.

The top 5 benefits Reiki gave me were:

Feeling balanced and more mental clarity

Before Reiki my emotions were all over the place. One minute I felt good but the next I felt overwhelmed. I was yet to feel that powerful and confident feeling I'd once had pre so many family members passing away. I was just drained and wanting to find a clear way out of my predicament and what Reiki was great at was afterwards I felt more connected to myself. Helping me to understand what it really was I wanted and what could make me happier without feeling hampered by a cloud of more negative worries and thoughts. It did make me more emotional afterwards and it was like taking the lid off a shaken fizzy drinks bottle, it was the release I needed after 5 years of suppressing my emotions so I could still show face in my corporate job daily and it didn't take long releasing it.

Enhanced Intuition

When we release our emotions we create room for more of a connection to ourselves, supressing emotion causes numbness and we need to feel the feels to know when to follow our gut instinct and when something feels good to continue and when it doesn't.

Deep Relaxation

Today's society has an addiction to busyness and distraction and Reiki gives you the opportunity to switch off fully and actually be fully present in the moment without any other thought disturbing you. When we get to adult hood its easy to get court up in distraction and a mountain of 'todo' lists we all have. There is always a reason to be busy but stepping away from that busyness takes self discipline but our brain needs that to be able to switch on its own healing mode. When you experience that deep sense of calm you certainly realise your body already has what it needs to heal itself, its allowing ourselves to relax to such a deep level that we allow that to happen.

A sense of comfort from something greater than myself

Many report a feeling of deep relaxation to the point that they can see colours in their minds eye eve feel the energy moving around my body, many also experience feeling energy move around the body even though the practitioner isn't physcially touching them. In some Reiki sessions clients have reported finding themselves visualising being out in nature and having some part of them restored on that journey through spirit. Reiki Practitioner's are attuned to be conduits for source energy, which is also known as Chi in Eastern cultures. It's life force energy and its able to restore and renew the human energetic system or Chakra's that we all have.

Greater understanding of my own personal Chakra system and how I could heal myself.

The Chakra system is our energetic system, it was allows the free flow of energy from the Universe through our bodies and to go in to the earth and its how were interconnected with all that is. It allows us to ground, hence why it is so important to have our feet to the floor as this earths our electromagnetic field. A good Reiki healer will also be able to tell when any of your chakras are blocked, turning the wrong way or holding resistance. What is blocking or hampering your chakra will depend on which Chakra its affecting and any pain or trauma that you're still overcoming. You emotions are energy in motion and sometimes denser emotion can get stuck in the chakra and mindset making you feel off balance and heavy or repressed.

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