What is inner child work?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

It was really my journey with Grief that lead me to understand about the concept of the inner child and our psyche. The Grief of loosing my mum had left me feeling exposed and unsafe as the nurturing figure I'd always ground up with, was no longer around. At 28 it had come as a shock to loose my mum at 57 years young and after a short illness, in 4 months she'd passed away. Because my inner child felt exposed I'd looked for others to replace that feeling of stability and security in others. Those others were not really the safety and security that was healthy. It was until I stumbled across inner child work that I realised that I could provide that safety and stability to myself for myself rather than looking outside.

The best way to do inner child meditations is through guided meditations. It really is a beautiful journey back to self that can help you cultivate a happier and healthier relationship with you. We can't under estimate how much our inner world affects our outer world. Our inner child can show us the outdated beliefs they are still carrying from childhood experiences as well as the fears that hold us back from being our best self. Its this part of our psyche that operates in the subconscious mind and this is the part that will remain wounded until we're prepared to look at ourselves with compassion and self love to say even though those things happened, me and my inner child are still perfectly lovable.

When we come to that self acceptance we can find an inner peace that may have not been experienced since we was a young child. What others do or say is no longer as offensive, what happens to us can feel like a bump in the road, rather than a mountain. When we have hatred for another or can't love another. Its really showing us where our inner child is wounded and needs to relearn to love unconditionally. Its a beautiful and rewarding excavation of self that is deeply profound and uplifting once undertaken.

Our Inner child is our most divine and authentic self. Can you remember when you just got up every morning and was who you were without apology. Its our live experiences and the effect of the people we spend the most time with that shapes our character, for good, or for worse. Inner child work is about coming back to our authentic self with confidence in who we really are. Not the version we pretend to be to fit in and survive the man made world. Our true self was good enough all along and being who we really are, is all we can be. We can only be the best at being ourselves because to be anyone else is to be a poor imitation. How we were nurtured by our parents also has a profound impact on our self belief system and inner child work can help us to unpick which of our beliefs are serving us and which are not.

You can try my Inner child healing course now on a special lockdown price of £200.48 available until the 2nd December. If you're ready for 2021 to be your year then starting with this work is the best place to begin after a year that has triggered so many of our wounds and insecurities. Its just showing us what is in our psyche that no longer serves our overall happiness. Pop to services to book this offer now!

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