What is Sound healing and why is it a benefit?

Sound Healing is believed to have started in ancient Greece but was also practiced in ancient Egypt. The pyramids in Giza have healing chambers that are set to specific frequencies as they understood the human body was an energetic mass that could be raised or lowered by vibration and frequency. Everything in the universe is energy and the human body is built to operate at a higher frequency than what modern society allows us to operate at. Our bodies need connection out in nature because that is what helps healing and ground our energy but we also need our mind to completely switch off and rest and that's difficult in a distraction ridden man made world where being busy and putting yourself last is prized as making you a good citizen and hardworking.

There are different forms of sound healing, such as Crystal singing bowls and gongs that tend to be used for sound baths. Tibetan bowls and tuning forks are great for more intricate chakra and meridian healing and binaural beats are a fantastic way to bring the mind out of fight or flight and to encourage healing to take place in meditation and sleep using particular waves and frequencies that are brain is designed to respond to. They're effectively the brains switch for turning healing mode on.

Many people are taking up spirituality in an effort to rebuild their connection to self and to get clear on what makes them happy. In a world where many of us live in fight or flight mode, a deeper level of self care is required to help us deeply unwind and reconnect with our true nature. Sound Healing is one method that helps us to do that amongst others but sound healing is a very powerful healing modality that can move physical blockages as well as emotional and energetic ones in our chakra system. It affects both the chakra system and the meridian system hence why clients feel such a change once a treatment is completed.

In the beginning sessions typically last 30 minutes due to how powerful the treatment is and for some clients its not suitable. Such as Epilepsy, those fitting with metal plates or joints, pacemakers or those who are pregnant at any trimester.

We often don't realise though that our emotions are energy in motion and our overall frequency is affected by our emotions. If we have lots of repressed negative emotion it will lower our overall vibrational frequency. If you look at Hawkins scale, this shows what emotions are higher on the scale and if we are feeling these more frequently then our vibration is much higher than those who may not be.

When our vibration is higher not only do we feel good, we are a magnet for good things happening to us as our bodies energetically can operate at full function and co-create with the universe and the law of attraction and vibration meaning you start to attract better outcomes and loving situations rather than chaos, suffering or fear. Your outer world is a mirror for your inner world and effectively your vibration interacts with the Universe like an algorithm, you'll see outcomes and situations that match your inner perspectives - its up to you to change your settings if you don't like what programs are being reflected back at you. It will also enhance our intuition and knowledge because the higher our frequency the more we can interact with spirit and bring their ancient wisdom to fruition on the earthly plane and fulfill what our souls are here to do in the first place because no one is here by accident. Our ancient ancestors understood this and that's how the Egyptians built the Pyramids and how the Mayan civilisation could bring about their advancements in language, astronomy and mathematics.

Anyway, that's why our bodies energetic vibration is important. For centuries humanities vibrations have gradually been lowering as we swap the natural world and our connection to its systems in favour for a man made world that favours money and status. Modern Humanity places a small privileged few at the top of the chain with status, money, power and influence rather than prioritising the health and advancement of the general population. Those systems aren't built on higher consciousness they are built on lower consciousness and healing is the process of removing all lower consciousness energy so we can raise our vibration as a collective and advance humanity as a whole, not just a select few.

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