Starting our self-healing journey can feel a big task at the beginning and that's why I created this course to help you begin this hugely transformative process with a community and the ability to learn the process at your own pace.


Our relationship with self is THE most important relationship and sets the tone for all others. It is one to be nutured over a lifetime but we want to be set up with the best tools to start that process the right way. 


Nurturing our inner child helps us come back to our authentic self, helps us to realise what truly brings us joy and meet own our needs on a deeper level. It allows us to reach a new level of self acceptance, self connection and self love that allows us to feel more at ease and calm in decision making, more at peace with being assertive and authentic towards our personal desires and acquiring our needs rather than forsaking our own to please others. 


This course highlights where we may have been sabotaging our own happiness from a place of our inner child emotional wounds and how to course correct by understanding ourself. 

The mission is to become our primary ally, thus creating a more integrated personality, mental resilience, a deeper connection to self and an understanding of our intuitive nudges. 

You are the knight in shining armour in this lifetime and this is how to rescue yourself. 


With this 57 page workbook you get lifetime access to the facebook group, 5 guided inner child meditations and community for Q&A and also to meet like minded people on the journey to self heal. 


PLEASE ENSURE you have read the Coaching T&Cs on because once you accept payment for this course those T&Cs are assumed agreed in full and will be legally binding for the duration of the coaching wth Zara Smith at www.

If you do not agree with the T&Cs laid out on this site, then kindly please don't purchase until this is discussed with Zara Smith. 


NB: The workbook is sent as a PDF manual so please ensure you have the software to read a PDF 


Look forward to seeing you in the facebook community.

Inner Child Self Healing Workshop


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