4 Week Course Showing you how to practice spiritual self care and enhance your connection to self so you can navigate Grief with more ease, grace and love. I'm a life coach with my own experience of Grief after loosing my mum and both grandads within the space of 2 years by the time I was 30. Like most life pivotal moments - Grief doesn't come with a manual. This is an introductory course to help you learn to really take care and have compassion for yourself as Grief is a deeply transformational process. However if Grief is ignored as it was in my case for 5 years, that's when it can become destructive until it is acknowledged, felt, heard and seen by our inner child and we have to nuture ourselves through that process so that we can feel safe and move forward positively with our lives. 


There are no guaranteed outcomes with this course just a non judgemental, safe holding space for you to process your Grief with the greatest care, love and attention in ways that aren't just self-care but they also nurture the parts of your soul that feel missing when our dearest have passed and I teach you how to find those missing pieces in yourself and fill them back up with your own love again with self love, mindset and spiritual healing tools. 


You get guided meditations and affirmations,  57 page self paced learning workbook with range of tools, plus 2 30 minute coaching calls with Zara to help you through your mindset work. 


Its at a special discount now of 32% off, because I want you to go into 2021, learning how to make yourself feel lighter and nourish your soul when Grief comes and goes. Healing from Grief isn't linear so its best to understand how to better look after yourself and have a mindset that fosters inner compassion to move forward with Grief in the best way possible.


Don't let Grief be a ball and chain in your life. Let it be the Bow that briefly pulls your back while you learn to love yourself. As the next chapter of your life needs a new version of you.


PLEASE ENSURE you have read the Coaching T&Cs on www.thehealinglounge.co.uk because once you accept payment for this course those T&Cs are assumed agreed in full and will be legally binding for the duration of the coaching wth Zara Smith at www. thehealinglounge.co.uk. 

If you do not agree with the T&Cs laid out on this site, then kindly please don't purchase until this is discussed with Zara Smith.

Self Healing with Grief Workshop

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  • To gain the full experience of this course you'll need access to:

    PDF file reader as the workbook is a PDF

    Youtube - Guided Meditations and Affirmations

    Facebook - for the Empowered through Grief community group

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