Quartz Singing Bowls Chakra Sound Healing session


30 minutes based at premises in Doncaster. This product is not available over distance.


This powerful session uses the power of vibration to heal your body and chakra points. Sound Healing has been an ancient medicine for millenia, and recorded in the ancient Egyptian tombs. Its is well practiced in the East and just starting to make come back in the West as we begin to understand how our energetic system (the chakra system) affects our wellbeing and Sound Healing not only promotes emotionals healing but also moves physical blockages also. The treatment lasts 30 minutes because it is so powerful but please arrives 15 minutes before to complete the consultation form. The treatment starts over the chakras using the corresponding singing bowl to each of the 7 chakras.


Everyone has a different outcome with Sound Healing as the therapy is bespoke to you but if there are particular pain points these can be worked on.  The therapy is also designed to help you acheive a deep meditative state, one that activates your bodies own healing mode, so is great for those who find it difficult to unwind themselves.


Please note this session is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant at any stage, epilepsy, prone to bloodclots, has a pacemaker, or metal plates or suitable while wearing hearing aids.


If you're otherwise fit and well then come and along and find the restorative energetic power of sound healing. 

Sound Healing 30 minutes Quartz Singing Bowls Chakra Therapy

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  • You can still get a 100% refund up to 48 hours before the therapy session. Within the 48-24 hour window you can get 50% of your money back but under 24 hours of cancellation full payment will apply.

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